Autism – my son’s Dramatically improved Sleep, Concentration and Behaviour.

I bought a Tesla Gold plug in at the Bio Balance conference in March 2015 and oh my goodness, how it has changed our life.

My little boy has autism and for several years now he would only sleep a maximum of 4 -5 hours per night, even though he was taking 6mg of melatonin. Our doctor suggested many things to help including Epsom salt baths and aroma therapy, but Adam wouldn’t sleep.
My child seemed grumpy, aggressive and extremely unhappy all the time. Huge meltdowns were a regular thing in our house and it created alot of stress within our family.

On the first night after plugging in the Blushield Tesla Gold model for our home, my son slept for 10 hours and the next morning he woke up smiling and playful. At fist I thought it’s just a coincidence but NO it’s REAL…..we’ve had the same results every day since .

This prompted me into buying the Tesla Gold Portable so that my son is protected all the time. Adam is now happy, playful and even learning better at school. His teacher is amazed at this new and improved boy who now can sit and complete a task without lashing out and hitting other kids. It has also greatly improved the quality of our family life at home.

I am forever grateful to meeting Sally and for her introducing me to these great products and I’ve shared this with a couple of our friends and they also go immediate results with their families.


Jo Chmaisse - NSW, Australia

GAPS Practitioner “Insomnia and anxiety disappeared, children willing to do homework!”

As a Nutritionist and GAPS practitioner I’m very aware of doing everything right for our family’s wellbeing, in terms of diet, exercise and avoiding toxic chemicals. We get plenty of good fats, no trans -fats, no processed foods, no processed sugar, and nutrient-dense home cooked meals. We use no toxic chemicals in hygiene products and no chlorinated tap water. Our food is home-grown and organic. We were do everything right but some of us still had some nagging health problems. Why?

Because electromagnetic radiation (EMR) was something I had not paid much attention to.

So I did my research in this area and came to realise that EMR could be affecting our health. The health challenges we were still experiencing were insomnia, anxiety, kids coming home from school grumpy and unmotivated. Also working on healing family members’ leaky gut with the GAPS protocol was slower than the expected time frame.

After reading that a growing number of the population is experiencing a range of subtle to serious symptoms, which they attribute to EMR, often termed “electrical sensitivity.” Frequently reported symptoms included headaches, nausea, exhaustion, “burning” skin, dizziness, inability to concentrate, agitation, heart palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, joint pain, swelling of face and neck, eye problems, rashes, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, psoriasis, insomnia, cancer, leukaemia and ADHD. I became more aware that I needed to protect our family from EMR exposure as best I could.

My husband Lincoln met Sally Thompson though our common interested in nutrition and children’s health. We purchased a Blushield Tesla Gold plugin for home, and Tesla Gold portables for us and our children while they were at school, as well as the Air-tube headsets for use on our mobile phones.

It took about 2 weeks for us to notice some differences; my insomnia disappeared from one day to the next. We all felt a lot calmer, the kids come home ready to play outside and happy to do their homework. We have used the protection devices now for 2 months I have noticed more positive changes in our digestion. I believe this is due to that our healthy gut bacteria has a better chance of surviving when it is not constantly exposed to radiation.

On a closing note, we found Sally’s knowledge and support when obtaining these products exceptionally professional and valuable.

Esther - - S.A. Australia

Headaches and Ear Aches Cease

Words cannot describe what Blushield has done for me.

I am the head of security in a major Sydney shopping centre and as such, am required to carry 2 mobile phones, and a walkie talkie at all times. As you can imagine, on a day to day basis I am surrounded by not just the EMF from the countless wi-fi connections and mobile phones within the centre, but also the effects of the fluorescent lights.

I was experiencing very bad headaches on a daily basis, with middle ear pain that I noticed seemed to get worse every time I used my mobile phone and held it up against my ear.

In an effort to reduce the pain and headaches, I began using a standard ear piece, to no avail and then tried to use my mobile on speaker phone. That only made the pain worse and I begun to get noticeably more annoyed and angry with each call.

I saw my Doctor in Marrickvile and after explaining the situation, was referred for an x-ray. The results seemed to show signs of sphenoid sinus. I was advised to use a nasal spray and told the pain would subside eventually. Unfortunately though, every time I used my mobile I kept experiencing the pain in my head and ears. It was unbearable.

After a second appointment, the doctor then suggested I ring Sally from EMF Protection Australia to try the Blushield products. It’s claimed that the Blushield products over-ride all harmful man-made EMF. Even though I didn’t fully understand how the technology worked, I was becoming so sensitive to the side-effects and wondering how I would ever be able to keep doing my job, I decided to give them a try.

Sally was very helpful and advised me what would best suit my case, recommending an Air-Tube headset, a Tesla Gold plug-in for my home and a Tesla Gold portable device to carry on me whenever I left home.

The first day I used the air-tube headsets, was a Friday and I was so impressed because I didn’t get the usual pain in my head and ears! By Monday, the pain was fully gone. Amazing!

I’m so grateful to Sally and Blushield. I would recommend any one who struggles to live in our modern world with all of this technology, to call her.
This stuff really works, its changed my life around.

Fay Awad - NSW, Australia

Extreme Life Threatening EHS Symptoms Disappear Immediately

Since 1973 I have been very electro-sensitive following daily radiation treatment for three months.

Until recently I could control my environment from EMF, being vigilant where I lived – position of my house meter box, no fluorescent lighting, mobile phone, microwave oven, plasma TV, hairdryer and no air travel.

However about 4 years ago my life turned upside down with the installation of smart meters, Wi-Fi/WiMAX in businesses and homes. I became very ill trying to access public buildings and public transport. I tried various shielding methods without much success. The WiFi/WiMax now blanketing whole areas/towns and smart meters are making it even more difficult. So far, I have managed to resist the installation of a smart meter at the house I am staying in at present. The house also has high dirty electricity levels from neighbour’s devices.

My symptoms were nonstop 24/7 with no abatement as follows:

  1. intense head pain on crown
  2. dizziness
  3. seizures
  4. hair loss
  5. nocturnal nose bleeds
  6. total insomnia
  7. bladder spasms
  8. need to urinate every ½ hour around the clock
  9. bedwetting
  10. nausea and vomiting
  11. neuropathy
  12. hand tremors
  13. cold sweats
  14. pulsing thyroid gland
  15. heart arrhythmias
  16. blood pressure dangerously high
  17. skin itching and redness
  18. breast tumours reactivated and advancing
  19. nails growing in corkscrew formation
  20. agitation

All these symptoms vanished immediately having installed a BluShield Tesla Gold house plug-in and portable device when leaving the property.

This BluShield technology is nothing short of miraculous in my experience and I can now sleep and go about my business and drive the car again. The results were instant and a real life saver.

Catherine - Australia.

Helen’s Story – Excessive levels of EMF Cause EHS

Newly married in 2002, my husband and I moved into an old Victorian home in Flemington. We lead a healthy lifestyle, we’re vegetarian, don’t drink or smoke, and my background includes studies in very alternative health fields, so it was puzzling to me when I began experiencing strange symptoms.

At first I couldn’t understand the constant fatigue I was experiencing but I put it down to wedding preparations and coming off shift work after 10 years. I would try and have a nap on a Saturday afternoon but would not fall into a deep sleep, rather a half-awake, half-asleep, dream-type state. In 2004, I began to study building biology although not to solve my problems because I had not yet twigged to the cause, which was ironic. After learning a little about EMF, a subject that I did not begin until late 2005 I kept the information in the back of my mind.

Little things happened along the way to point me in the right direction. For instance, I was experiencing electrostatic shocks fairly often and in late 2004 when I stayed in a country town motel my whole body felt like it was being zapped when I laid on the bed with the electric blanket turned on.

At some stage I realized that at my work I had two computers pointing at my back from less than a metre away, protected only by a thin partition. Only metres away a room was buzzing with a bank of about 60 portable radios on charge. By this time I was having funny, fuzzy headaches and I had never been one to get headaches. My constant fatigue led to erratic behaviour and mood swings, much to the dismay of my embattled husband who wondered where his calm, collected wife had gone.

During this time we were also keen to conceive. Medical tests revealed that this was a sure probability but it just wasn’t happening. We sought help through several natural fertility methods and bingo! But our joy was to be short lived when I miscarried at 10 weeks early in 2005. This was another legacy of high EMF levels, so I was to learn later.

In mid-2005 I began the electrobiology component of my course. My health, by this time was getting progressively worse. I was experiencing severe joint pain, tinnitus, heart palpitations and more. My mental coherence capabilities were spiralling down and I am sure I was difficult to be around. However the blessing of this component was the realisation of what was bringing on all these strange symptoms and weird behaviour. In the next few weeks all the pieces began to fit together: the fatigue, the mental instability, the joint pain, and on it went.

I had become so electrically sensitive that driving under the E-tag gantry on the Citylink (Melbourne, Australia) caused stabbing pains in my heart that would continue palpitating for up to five hours afterwards. The E-tag gantry device is run with microwave energy, similar to a mobile phone.

Having high EMF constantly running through my body had made me feel like everything was very tense inside my muscles and I would often awaken in the night feeling my body vibrating with the electricity.

EMF tends to have a scrambling effect on the mind and brain that can be very debilitating. It is hard to get others to understand what is happening to you within when you appear normal outwardly, even though you are having such difficulty trying to piece a sentence together that the mind will not bring forth even when you know the words and you cannot say them correctly either.

I am now running a business where I measure levels of EMF in homes and workplaces, and now use the BluShield Tesla Gold plug-in and portable for myself and provide them to my clients.

Helen - Melbourne, Australia.

From Chronic Fatigue to feeling energised and enjoying life again. As a busy mum of three and small business owner, I was struggling with feeling constantly exhausted. Every day became a major effort just to function, to the point of being unable to get out of bed in the mornings. I’ve always been passionate about health and mindful of eating organic wherever possible and we grow most of our own produce on our little property. I thought I was doing a pretty good job at living healthy but I just couldn’t seem to improve. I worried if I was feeling this way in my 40’s how was I ever going to cope as I got older? My doctor diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue and I commenced a supplementary regime to help detoxify. This helped marginally, but I found myself increasingly listless and couldn’t seem to think straight. I’m sure my husband and kids thought I was going mad!

At one of my next appointments, my Dr mentioned that she’d recently attended a medical conference and found out about some products that helped overcome the negative effects of radiation from mobile phones and wi-fi. etc. She suggested I call Sally.

I ordered the Tesla Gold Plug-in for our home and a Tesla Gold portable to take with me when I was out, plus the Air-tube anti-radiation head sets. I received my order the next day and well….over the next few days I started to detox! Sally had warned me that this may happen, so I wasn’t totally surprised. It still wasn’t pleasant though! For the next couple of weeks I was even more tired if anything, but I’m glad I persevered, hoping that I’d feel a whole lot better when I was through the other side of it. Thankfully, thats exactly what happened. I now have much more energy and I’m back to being so much more positive mentally. I feel like I’m in my 20’s again. 🙂 It turns out my favourite part of the day is early mornings! I wake up feeling refreshed and sneak out of bed while my husband and kids are still sleeping to enjoy some time to myself before my busy day starts. I can’t recommend the Blushield products any higher. My passion for living life has returned.


Chloe K, Bangalow.

Chloe K. - Bangalow, NSW, Australia