5G Blushield Premium Cube




Eighty percent of Blushield’s effectiveness is based on Blushield’s technology adhering to natural laws. This new Premium Cube, along with the Premium Ultra, has Blushield’s proprietary formula enhanced. With the same technology, formula and diameter as the Premium Ultra, the only difference is the Premium Cube is half the strength of the Premium Ultra. The Premium Cube comes in a high quality carbon black duralium alloy, crafted into a timeless creation that will last for years to come. With an area up to 90 metres (180 metre sphere), this model is ideal for most homes as a minimum and ideal for homes also in close proximity to the new small cell antennas, smart meter grids and of course workplaces and hospitals. In fact, anywhere where there is high-powered microwave radiation.
Note: A small amount of EHS people may detox initially due to the state of their health, due to the release of stress from the body and the immune system seeking to normalise.

Designed for living and working areas where a high level of microwave radiation exists
Coverage 90 metres in every direction (180 metre sphere)
Wall mounted Black Alloy case with a low profile
Size 110mm x 110mm x 100mm
Weight 702g
Uses multiple scalar waveform outputs
Great for homes and offices where EMF is extreme
The best protection from microwave radiation
May reduce fatigue associated with EMF
May promote emotional stability
May enable restful sleep
May increase energy levels
Comes with 4 international plug types