Blushield Tesla Gold Plugin




The Tesla Gold Series Plugin is recommended for homes in rural areas and/or where exposure to EMF is low to medium.

One plugin covers an area of 45m in every direction. This model uses very little power and is best plugged into a central location within your home, not the bedroom. A hallway or lounge area would be best.

Do not make the mistake of purchasing a portable model to carry around in your home and think you are protected. We recommend you first start with the Plug-in model and use the portable solely for venturing outside the protected (plugin) area. The Plugin offers a stronger and larger area of protection for your home or office than the portable.

This new multi-wave scalar waveform configuration offers the best protection to date from radio frequency radiation and 5G. Some people will experience a minor detox while initially using this product, and some will not. This may be due to the release of stress on the body from EMF and also the immune system may normalize.


* Designed protection from Wi-Fi and general EMF
* Coverage 45m in every direction
* Comes with multiple interchangeable plug adapters for different countries’ power outlets
* Black ABS case
* Size 90mm x 30mm x 40mm
* Weight 75g
* Uses multiple scalar waveform outputs
* Great for homes and offices
* Helps maintain a level of alertness
* Promotes emotional stability
* Enables restful sleep
* Easy to install