38 min video – Federal Communications Commission suppresses free speech by not allowing debate on new “5G” wireless technology




Thu., Jul. 28, 2016
Health Advocates Rap FCC, Hillary on 5G Radiation


Radiation health advocates, hoping to stop or slow the FCC’s drive for “5G” wireless, have launched a campaign that includes a 38-minute video. Advocates also want Hillary Clinton to change her pro-5G tune.Josh del Sol, producer of “Take Back Your Power,” a 2013 documentary charging that wireless “smart” utility meters are damaging to health, violate privacy and are costlier, has created a 38-minute video that charges the Federal Communications Commission with suppressing free speech by not allowing a debate on the new “5G” wireless technology that would require many more transmitters.



Smartgridawareness says high-frequency 5G signals travel much faster but over shorter distances and cannot easily penetrate walls. “That means thousands—perhaps millions—of mini cell towers, or ‘small cells’ would be needed on top of every lamp post, every building, inside every home and potentially every room,” it says.

Hillary Clinton’s support of 5G has drawn the ire of Wi-Fi health advocates who say she ignores radiation’s health effects.




Her position paper says: “Hillary will accelerate this progress and help foster the evolution to 5G, small cell solutions, and other next-generation systems that can deliver faster wireless connections. Widely deployed 5G networks, and new unlicensed and shared spectrum technologies, are essential platforms that will support the Internet of Things, smart factories, driverless cars, and much more—developments with enormous potential to create jobs and improve people’s lives.”

“Devastating to Health”

“The proposed 5G Spectrum Frontiers is a boon to industry and a devastation to our health,” says Parents for Safe Technology under the headline, “Take action against 5G now!”

The Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters says the FCC’s “fast track” approval of 5G July 15 “says no to free speech and ignores health and environmental effects.”

Kit Weaver of Skyvision Solutions has provided excerpts to the FCC proceeding that passed the 5G resolution. Retired U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service researcher Al Manville’s has provided a summary on RFR effects to wildlife.

Josh del Sol’s features himself, Kevin Mottus, EMF health advocate who is running for Congress from Los Angeles, and Dafna Tachover, who helped Haifa, Israel’s third largest city, to shut down Wi-Fi in all its schools.

A sequence beginning at 33 minutes provides with materials from the Environmental Health Trust showing recognition and warnings from various telecoms and related industries of possible financial risks from EMF/RFR litigation, particularly as causation relationships are further recognized.


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