BLUSHIELD is a revolutionary technology that stops the body from responding to harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

It’s a subtle energy device, mimicking nature but much more powerfully.  It is a technology which emits ‘Scalar’ energy, a ‘coherent’ energy which has always been around. Scalar energy was first accidentally ‘released’ by the scientist Nicola Tesla (1856–1943).  (Albert Einstein, the most renowned physicist of the 20th century, also documented how to apply Scalar energy).

The body absorbs and utilises this natural energy and resonates with it, rather than with artificial harmful EMF that surround us constantly.  Hazardous EMF is thereby neutralised at a cellular level.

This technology creates coherence within people’s lives – in the form of better health, better emotional stability, increased sense of wellbeing and more happiness, which creates more balance in people’s lives.  When protected by scalar energy the body can maintain a psychological and phsyiological balance.

The benefits are cumulative and felt more over time, rather than immediately.  With long-term use of the BLUSHIELD, the body becomes more resilient to EMF.

Utilizing a pulse/pause cycle, BLUSHIELD technology is in harmony with the body’s natural rhythm’s and cycles.  The device pulses for around 3 seconds with 30 second intervals – the body is not burdened therefore by a constantly pulsing frequency.

Using BLUSHIELD – this intelligent ‘field’ of coherent information – the body comes into alignment with the scalar energy field.  It does not build resistance or aversion to this natural cycle of supportive and nurturing frequencies.

Using the BLUSHIELD products one would expect a reduction or elimination of symptoms related to EMF exposure. This is reflected in your blood as healthier blood cells and normalized immune system response.  BLUSHIELD effectiveness has been independently verified by an independent lab using dark field microscopy and live blood analysis – refer to ‘Blushield Testing’ above.

“It appears that the body is responding to the Blushield allowing the body to ignore more stressful environmental frequencies emitted from electrical devices, including mobile phones.” 

Dr William J Rea, Texas, USA a former surgeon who determined that his allergic and neurological symptoms were caused by the EMF in the operating room. (Dr Rea established the Environmental Health Center in Dallas where his patients were tested through exposure to a spectrum of EMF).

PORTABLE models slip in your pocket or purse and covers a diameter of 3m.

PLUG-IN models use the wall socket in homes and workplaces 24/7 to obtain maximum effectiveness. The smaller plug in covers a diameter of 90m, whilst the larger plug in has a 180m diameter.